Reporting an Incident

The Incident Reporting Program is established to assist the University in promoting an environment that fosters civility and mutual respect for all. Members of the University community are strongly encouraged to report all incidents of misconduct, sexual assault, or harassment.  A person does not have to be a member of a specific gender, sex, class, or group in order to be a victim of sexual misconduct, assault, or harassment.

How does one make a Incident Report?

The University of Mary Washington urges all members of the University to promptly report all incidents using the Incident Report Form.

Only UMW students, faculty and staff may submit Incident Report Forms. The report requires the user to submit a valid UMW NetID and password.

What happens to the report?

The Title IX Coordinator will receive all reports.  All incident reports will be reviewed promptly. For all reports containing contact information, a the designated staff member will contact the reporting person and will be available to meet and discuss resources, policies, procedures, and services.

Reports and related follow up will be treated as confidentially as possible.  Other University offices may be contacted as needed to ensure safety and a prompt response.