Bias Incident Reporting

Bias Incident Reporting

UMW is committed to its responsibility to be a model of fairness, inclusivity, equity, access and equal opportunity, providing intellectual and institutional leadership regarding diversity, and maintaining a welcoming, inclusive environment of mutual respect for its members of all backgrounds and identities.

Statement on Guiding Principles on Diversity and Inclusion.

UMW is equally committed to the freedom of inquiry and expression. Being exposed to different and sometimes competing perspectives, questioning our assumptions, testing our beliefs and refining our knowledge are consistent with a public liberal arts and sciences education.  All members of this community have a fundamental right to express their views privately and publicly without censorship.

An inclusive and respectful environment empowers a rigorous exchange of different and sometimes competing ideas, however, the bias incident reporting policy cannot be used to limit freedom to express views that many or even most members of the UMW community may consider incorrect or even offensive.

Bias incidents involving students and employees will be reviewed by appropriate offices, including, Equity and Access, the Dean of Student Life, Student Conduct and Responsibility (OSCAR), Human Resources; Title IX and the Director of Athletics.