Reporting an Incident

UMW is committed to its responsibility to be a model of fairness, inclusivity, equity, access and equal opportunity, providing intellectual and institutional leadership regarding diversity, and maintaining a welcoming, inclusive environment of mutual respect for its members of all backgrounds and identities.

What is a bias incident?

A bias incident is an act of harassment, threat or intimidation directed towards an individual, group, or property motivated by race, religion, color, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, parental status (including pregnancy), national origin, age, disability, family medical history or genetic information, political belief or affiliation, or military service.  While such acts may be focused on one individual or group, these acts negatively impact our entire community.

However, some bias-motivated, prejudice or otherwise disrespectful acts, though antithetical to our values, may be constitutionally protected speech.

How to report a bias incident?

Students, faculty and staff may report Bias Incidents on the UMW Concern Report.

  • All incident reports are reviewed promptly by appropriate offices, including, Equity and Access, the Dean of Students, Student Conduct and Responsibility (OSCAR), Human Resources, The Office of Title IX and ADA Compliance, and the Director of Athletics. For all reports containing contact information, a designated staff member will contact the reporting person and will be available to meet and discuss resources, policies, procedures, and services.
  • Incident reports and related follow up are treated as private. Other University offices may be contacted only as needed to ensure safety and a prompt response.
  • Please recognize that reporting a bias incident on the UMW Reporting Form does not constitute filing a formal complaint. If the report indicates that the bias incident may violate the Student Code of Conduct, UMW’s Non-Discrimination Notice, UMW’s Respectful Workplace Policies, UMW’s Policy on Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence, or other UMW policies, the report and/or reporter will be referred to the appropriate office.

You may contact: The Vice President for Equity and Access at for formal discrimination complaints and the Director of Compliance and Title IX/ADA Coordinator at for Title IX policy violations.