Training Opportunities

Title IX and the Center for Prevention & Education is pleased to offer a variety of workshops and training opportunities appropriate for classes, student clubs, sports teams, or other interested groups. Our options are described below. We are constantly updating our repertoire and work closely with a variety of on and off-campus organizations specializing in different topics- if you are looking for something not listed here, please contact us on the form below so that we can help create a custom program for you!

Training Request Form

Please fill out the following form to request a presentation from the Office of Title IX and The Center for Prevention and Education. Descriptions of the various presentation options are listed below. We ask that all requests are submitted 3 weeks prior to the requested presentation date, but based on the time of year we may be able to fulfill your request on a shorter notice.
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Don’t Cancel Class (customizable)

Professors – do you know you need to miss a class session? Don’t cancel that class – let us do the work! Depending on your course needs and time allotted, our staff can create a lesson plan from the below offerings or additional resources. We have presented in linguistics courses, political science, environmental science, history, and more – please let us know what you’re envisioning and what your class has been learning about, and we will happily tailor a presentation for them!

Behind the Post (20-30 minutes)

Using a short video, this workshop introduces participants to the 10 signs of an unhealthy relationship. The following conversation centers on identifying red flags in a relationship and encouraging healthy relationship behavior. This workshop also encourages a conversation about the role of social media in portraying relationship problems. Learn more here.

Escalation Workshop (90 minutes)
This 45 minute video follows a typical college couple as their relationship escalates from romantic to dangerous, with a focus on warning signs and the role of friends and families in preventing dating abuse. The video is followed by a 45 minute discussion about consent, healthy and unhealthy relationships, and how to seek help for yourself or a friend in this situation. Please note that this workshop and video portrays intense material and may be triggering for some; participants are encouraged to self-care and always have the option to leave. Learn more here.

Step Up! (60-90 minutes)

Step Up! Bystander Intervention is a prosocial behavior and bystander intervention program that teaches community members how to be that someone who steps up and helps others. The goal of this workshop is to help you develop skills and confidence when responding to problems or concerns and practice being proactive to help others. Learn more here.

Step Up! Facilitator Training (90 minutes)

Geared towards student leaders, faculty, and staff, this workshop walks you through the Step Up! training program to give you all the tools you need to lead or co-facilitate a Step Up! training of your own. All participants will become members of the It’s on Us UMW Step Up! Team.

Title IX Basics (30 min)

“Isn’t that a sports thing?” We get that a lot. Let us walk you through the basics of Title IX as a federal law and how it applies to UMW and our community policies.

A History of Title IX (30-50 min)

Between the implementation of Title IX in 1972, when it was primarily used to ensure equal funding and other opportunities for collegiate sports, and the 2000s when it began to gain more attention as a tool for combatting gender-based violence, a lot has happened in the US surrounding gender equality and gender-based violence prevention and response. We will provide an introduction to the historical, social, and political contexts of laws meant to address gender-based violence.

Responsible Employees (30-50 min)

Do you’re a responsible employee – now what? Learn more about mandatory reporting requirements in the Commonwealth of Virginia and how to appropriately take and report a disclosure.

Speaking with Survivors (30-50 min)

Learn the basics of trauma response and how to utilize a trauma-informed approach to talk with survivors of gender-based violence or other traumatic experiences.