Scare School Registration

Interested in the Arts? The  Kings Dominion Entertainment Department takes you behind the scenes of Halloween Haunt as Scare School reveals all aspects of production – from set design on our new haunted attractions, to a scary makeup tutorial where we transform teacher volunteers into creatures of the night!

The acting seminar will allow scholars to take part in the same acting lessons the “Scare-actors” go
through before they are released into the park. We will then travel to one of Kings Dominion’s mazes
for a 30 minute breakout session to show off what we’ve learned as scholars act as both the haunted and the
hunted in one of the mazes!

Scholars will then be allowed to enjoy attractions in the park.

Cost: $25 per scholar (no season pass), $10 per scholar (with season pass)

Deadline for registration is September 21st.


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Scare School Registration

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