Summer Residential Program


A Special Invitation to Jump-Start Your College Experience

“STP guided me with my academics and helped me develop new skills to succeed at UMW.”
Eunice Achiaa, Class of 2014

By accepting the offer to participate in the Student Transition Program (STP), your freshman year starts here. STP is designed to help you successfully prepare for life on your new campus. You’ll take up to two classes during the summer, use the library, eat in the dining hall, work out in the gym and fitness center, and meet some great friends prior to the fall term. Participants in the STP program receive a full scholarship for the summer session that covers tuition, room and board, and textbooks.*

You’re probably wondering, why me? It’s simple really. You were accepted to the University as a member of the graduating class of 2027, plus you show potential in a number of areas including student leadership and academic promise. Most STP participants are Virginia residents who come from culturally diverse backgrounds. You can expect to be in a group of about 50 other incoming freshmen in this year’s Student Transition Program, but there will be lots of other UMW students on campus, attending summer classes right along with you.


What You Can Expect

“STP helped me to develop skills that I’ve used throughout my time at UMW and make great friendships.”
Rudy Abate, Class of 2013

As a member of STP, you will live in a residence hall with a roommate and interact with current UMW students. You will learn about academic regulations, degree requirements, student activities, and the multitude of resources available at UMW. We know the first year is critical in establishing your overall academic success. In addition to the two week summer courses, students will participate in a year long, two credit academic course in the fall and spring that will focus on the keys to academic success.

Where You Will Live

You will live in one of the UMW residence halls which feature:

  • kitchen facilities
  • a laundry room
  • study lounges

In addition, each room has the comfort of:

  • air conditioning
  • telephone lines
  • cable television access
  • access to UMW computer network and the Internet

You’ll enjoy your meals in the University dining hall along with the rest of your classmates.

Learn Valuable Study Skills

During both the summer and the academic year, STP will offer seminar sessions focusing on skills that are integral to your academic success. Seminars are presented by faculty, administrators and invited guests. Topics include time and stress management, student leadership and study skills.

It’s not all work!

“The Student Transition Program pushed me to succeed in college and life by motivating me to achieve my academic goals.”
Kevin Lopez, Class of 2014


We have arranged for STP participants to participate in various activities and events. You will be invited to concerts, theatrical presentations, and cultural museums in the Richmond and Washington, D.C. areas.

Find Your Comfort Zone at UMW

It won’t be long before you familiarize yourself with Residence Life, Student Activities, Financial Aid, Career Services, Athletics, Academic Advising, and your favorite study spots on campus. Once you come back in August for the fall term, you’ll have a readymade set of new friends, know your way around campus, and you’ll have three credit hours toward your degree! Support services in the form of tutoring, personal counseling, and academic advising assistance will continue to be available to you throughout the academic year.

For more information, please contact:
Mr. Justin Wilkes
University of Mary Washington
1301 College Avenue
Fredericksburg, VA 22401- 5300
(540) 654-1726