The Office for Diversity and Inclusion will:

  1. Build institutional capacity for diversity through access, success, climate, intergroup relations, education, and scholarship.
  2. Develop, implement and coordinate a comprehensive strategic diversity plan to advance the Universities initiatives.
  3. Promote a climate that is welcoming and conducive to the success of all students, faculty, and staff.
  4. Infuse diversity into University practices, policies and programs to ensure equity and inclusion for all members of the community.
  5. Create an institutional culture in which the community engages in and grows stronger from open and honest dialogue.
  6. Foster commitment to diversity and inclusion as a shared community responsibility through collaboration and partnerships with all units and programs across the institution.
  7. Facilitate and encourage research to advance the University’s commitment to gaining knowledge of diverse communities in a local, national, and global context.
  8. Monitor and assess UMW’s diversity efforts for effectiveness, modify existing initiatives, identify new “best practices,” and publish reports and information for dissemination to the campus community.