Statement of Community Values – Feedback

The Committee to Review the Statement of Community Values invites you to share your thoughts and perspective on these draft statements (PDF). We are not suggesting that one of these drafts will necessarily be the final draft proposed to the BOV, and we are not asking for UMW community members to vote on them. We are, however, asking for feedback about elements of each draft- which format works best? Is there language regarding a specific value in one draft that you prefer? What needs to be included, and how must it be stated, so that we can integrate the statement into our daily campus life? What can we do to raise awareness about our community values and better promote what we value? We appreciate your feedback and will incorporate the feedback we receive into our work in developing new draft statement(s). The comment form will be available through the end of March 2018.


Anand Rao and Cedric Rucker, co-chairs

Committee to Review the Statement of Community Values

    • Cedric Rucker, Dean of Student Life, co-chair
    • Anand Rao, Professor of Communication, co-chair
    • Janet Asper, Associate Professor of Chemistry
    • Bianca Hightower, Staff Advisory Council representative
    • Ekta Kapoor, student representative
    • Marion Sanford, Director of Multicultural Affairs
    • Holly Schiffrin, Professor of Psychology
    • Alda White, community representative