Meet the Counselors

Meet the 2018 STP Summer Counselors!!!

david-mercer-2018 Meet David Mercer, head counselor for STP summer 2018! David is a rising second year student at Virginia Tech working to complete his Master of Arts degree in Communication. When he is not in Blacksburg, he resides in King and Queen, Virginia with his parents and his brother. David graduated from UMW in the spring of 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Digital Studies. While at UMW, he served in number of leadership positions and was a member of numerous on-campus organizations as well. Currently, David is a Graduate Teaching Assistant who teaches Public Speaking at Virginia Tech. He is also a member of The Enlightened Gospel Choir. He enjoys being in the role of an instructor as it allows him to teach and mentor students as he shares the wisdom that has been passed to him. Having gone through STP in 2013 and served as a peer counselor in 2016, David is beyond excited to be the head counselor this summer and give back to the program that prepared him for his collegiate journey. He exclaimed that both of the summers that he was involved with the program have been the best summers he’s had to date! In his free time, David enjoys listening to and talking about music as well as watching sports.
Meet Mary-Margaret (Maggie) McMaken, head counselor for STP summer 2018! Maggie is a recent double graduate of UMW earning her Bachelor’s in English in May 2017 and her Masters of Education this past May. She is officially moving to Fredericksburg this summer after living in Mason, Ohio for the last 23 years with her family, and will be working at Massaponax High School for the 2018-2019 academic year. She was a member of UMW Club softball team and served as club president for 3 years. Additionally, Maggie also worked for UMW Campus Recreation as an Intramural Sports Official, Supervisor, Student Administrator, and during her graduate year, she worked as the Graduate Coordinator of Aquatics. In Maggie’s words, this summer she will be completing her UMW experience serving STP for a 3rd year, as she once was a peer counselor for 2 previous summers. She loves having the opportunity to meet incoming students and help them figure out the ins and outs of UMW in a small group setting. A fun fact about Maggie is that she coaches Girls’ AAU Basketball in Richmond, VA and plans to continue coaching at Massaponax this upcoming season. maggie-mcmaken
cierra-morrison Meet Cierra Morrison, peer counselor for STP summer 2018! Cierra is a rising senior majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing and a minor in Business Administration. When not in Fredericksburg for school she lives in Centreville, Virginia with her parents and two siblings. She has been apart of the UMW Enigma Winter-Guard for 3 years now and is the Event Coordinator, a position she will continue to hold in the fall. Additionally, Cierra is the Event Coordinator for UMW’s Women of Color Club. Cierra was once a member of STP herself and now will have the opportunity to serve as a peer counselor. Cierra feels that her time in STP helped to form strong foundations within the community here at Mary Washington. Through STP she has found and maintained friendships and support systems that have led her to who she is today. During her free time Cierra enjoys writing; she aims to complete her novella this year.
Meet Joemmel Tendilla, peer counselor for STP summer 2018! Joemmel is a rising senior majoring in Sociology and is an active leader on campus. When he is not in Fred Vegas he resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia with his family. He has been a Dorsey Scholar for 3 years, President of Photography Club, and will continue his role in these organizations this fall. Additionally, Joemmel is also a member of the International Living Community, otherwise known as Framar. It is a passion of his to help educate and serve as a mentor through art and conversation. For example, as an avid member in the Fredericksburg community he volunteers every Thursday at a soup kitchen and often uses his photography to expose critical issues in the Fredericksburg community. A fun fact about Joemmel that his work in photography has been featured in multiple magazines and has helped to advertise Mary Washington around Virginia. He also plans to run a marathon this semester to challenge himself. joemmel-tendilla
sydne-coleman Meet Sydne Coleman, peer counselor for STP summer 2018! Sydne is a rising junior majoring in Psychology and an active student leader. When she is not in Fredericksburg, she resides in Baltimore, Maryland with her mother and younger brother. She has been a resident assistant in Eagle Landing and will resume this role in Custis hall in the fall. Additionally, Sydne is a Dorsey scholar. This scholarship is community service based which helps Sydne give back to the Fredericksburg area through activities like Thursday supper service and creating fleece blankets. Sydne is excited to be returning to the STP family. She enjoyed STP and accredits the program with creating standards that shaped her into the excellent student she is today! A fun fact about Sydne is that in her free time she enjoys painting and often draws inspiration from quotes or nature.
Meet Kaitlin Viloria, peer counselor for STP summer 2018! Kaitlin is a rising junior majoring in Psychology and is heavily involved in the UMW community. When she is not in Fredericksburg she resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia with her mother and father. For the past two years she has been a member and will continue to be a leader in various campus organizations such as team manager for Eagle Bhangra, a choreographer for the Performing Arts Company (PAC), a member of the Asian Student Association (ASA), and music ministry representative for the Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM); in the fall she will be a Bible Study leader for the CCM. Having been a member of STP herself, she is excited about the opportunity to serve as a peer counselor. During her time in STP, she learned to adjust to college life and be a successful student at the university. A fun fact about Kaitlin is that during her free time, she’s always looking for an opportunity to teach herself K-Pop dances, and she also loves to write stories to bring her imagination to life. kaitlin-viloria
mark-madison Meet Mr. Mark Madison, peer counselor for STP summer 2018! Mark is a rising senior majoring in Sociology and is an established student leader on campus. When he is not in Fredericksburg he resides in Chesapeake, Virginia with his mother, father and his siblings. He has been a student assistant of the James Farmer Multicultural Center, plays on the Varsity Men’s Basketball Team, and has served as a Dorsey Scholar for the past 3 years. Additionally, Mark has been a referee for the Intramural Sports Club during the previous school year and will be a member of Brothers of a New Direction Club for the upcoming school year. It is a passion of Mark’s to help educate and serve as a mentor for his peers anytime he can. A fun fact about Mark is that during his free time he enjoys playing his acoustic guitar, likes spending time drawing and catching up on Netflix T.V. shows. In Mark’s words, “I look forward to getting to know all of the STP participants and having a blast all Summer 18!
Meet Megan Sosnow, peer counselor for STP summer 2018! Megan, a former STP participant, is a rising senior from Essex County, VA. Megan is a Business Administration major and plans to own her own business one day. Majoring in Business appealed to her because she wants to have a bakery and plans to further her education in the culinary field after graduating. She has worked through many hardships and with the help of the Rappahannock Scholars Program and her job as a student manager at the UMW dining hall, she has managed to push herself through three successful years of college. Megan spends her spare time hanging out with friends and going home to spend time with her family. She looks forward to spending her summer with the future students of UMW! megan-sosnow
khaila-nelson Meet Khaila Nelson, peer counselor for STP summer 2018! Khaila is a rising sophomore majoring in Political Science and minoring in Social Justice. When she is not in Fredericksburg, she resides in Tappahannock, Virginia with her cousins or is visiting her mother and younger brother in Killeen, Texas. She is an active member of Alpha Mu Sigma, Students Helping Honduras, and Women of Color. She also serves as a resident assistant (RA). She is passionate about debate, politics, feminism, the environment, human rights, voting, mitigating human trafficking, and destigmatizing mental health. Khaila volunteers for every campus-wide event and has served over 100 hours in community service throughout her first year of college. As a recent former participant in STP, she is excited to engage and mentor the incoming freshmen class through the program. A fun fact about Khaila is that she spent the summer of 2016 at Harvard University taking courses in American Government and Public Speaking. She plans to return as an undergraduate and explore her passion for civil rights!