Student Success Courses

Proceeding the summer residential program, students participating in STP will receive continued, year-long support during their freshman experience. One way in which this support will be provided is through the requirement to take two credit-level (1) college success courses.

Fall Semester: Education 101: How to Succeed in College, Pt. I (1 Credit)

This course is designed to teach students how to develop, use and assess effective and efficient learning strategies with the goal of developing a personal system of study. Topics will include learning behaviors and attitudes; goal-setting and self-monitoring; time management and concentration; lecture and text note-taking; test preparation and test-taking; and general strategies for learning and remembering. Course objectives include,

  • Developing and achieving an effective and efficient personal system of study
  • Developing effective time management and concentration strategies
  • Developing effective strategies for listening, reading, memory enhancement, exam preparation and test-taking
  • Choosing, implementing and assessing appropriate learning strategies that address both academic demands and personal preferences

Spring Semester: Education 102: How to Succeed in College, Pt. II (1 Credit)

This course is designed to encourage students to be reflective in identifying personal strengths and weaknesses and to place emphasis on team-building with fellow students. Throughout the semester students will be reading, writing, and discussing how to enhance their prospects for academic success. Course objectives include,

  • Participating in service learning opportunities in order to create connections between the academic environment and community experiences focusing on civic responsibility & social justice issues
  • Developing mutually supportive relationships with other students who will support you as you achieve your goals
  • Exploring majors at UMW and to determine which ones best fit with students’ values, strengths and career interests.
  • Developing presentation skills to support and enhance assignments throughout students’ college career
  • Becoming familiar with the types of financial assistance available to college students
  • Encouraging student involvement in extracurricular, intellectual, and cultural activities at UMW