Not Anymore Online Training

Sexual assault and other interpersonal issues affect people from all walks of life, regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, economic status and more; therefore, UMW is committed to ensuring our community has important information and resources for help. The Not Anymore course covers aspects of healthy and unhealthy relationships, consent, bystander intervention, UMW policies, Title IX, resources and other important information. While this course does not serve as the only prevention and awareness program, it is one tool we use to educate students and promote safety. All incoming and transfer students enrolled after fall 2015 are required to complete the Not Anymore online course with no exceptions. Failure to complete the course will result in an academic hold. Not Anymore must be completed online, in one setting, and takes approximately 2 hours to complete.

To complete the Not Anymore course, visit, using your UMW email address to signup/login. For questions or concerns, please contact Marissa Miller, Director, Center for Prevention and Education,, x1193.

This class is a requirement under a federal mandate, the Campus SaVE Act (2013), which requires all postsecondary institutions that receive federal funding, like UMW, to implement prevention and awareness programming on sexual misconduct and other related issues. The information presented in this training is important for all members of the UMW community to know. Prior training in Title IX at a different institute will not be accepted in lieu of this class.

We recognize that this material can be uncomfortable for many and can be triggering for those with past experiences of interpersonal violence. This course does include trigger warnings. In the event you experience emotional discomfort while taking this class, please stop taking the course and contact Ms. Miller for an available alternative option.

If your student account currently has a hold due to the incompletion of our online course, please complete the course and upload a copy of your certificate here: myUMW – Title IX Portal. Your hold will be removed in 24-48 business hours. If it has not been removed within two business days, please contact Marissa Miller at, x1193.

* “Not Anymore” was formerly entitled “Think About It.”